Another classic local Colorado business has said goodbye after almost six decades in business. What's the reason for yet another Colorado favorite closing its doors?

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Another Colorado Classic Has Closed For Good

The sad emojis are flying in messages all around our state because we're about to lose another long-time business in Colorado. Sadly, it's become a trend not just in Colorado, but across the country. Local favorites closing up shop and locking the doors for good. Some of it can be blamed on the pandemic, right?

The way we've had to adjust the way we all do business, in general, has changed so much in the last two years. From budget cuts and supply chain issues, to simply not being able to find enough people to staff the needs we have. It's been tricky. Now the latest challenge? The current cost of real estate and greedy property owners... We're losing another awesome Colorado gem because of just that.

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You've likely heard of the Colorado icon that is, or I guess was the Echo Lake Lodge and Restaurant on Mt. Evans in Idaho Springs. Sadly, after nearly 60 years in business, they've closed up shop, for good.

Echo Lake Lodge Closes Down after 57 Years In Colorado

A place that hundreds of thousands of families have enjoyed for almost six decades is now just a memory, as it was announced by Echo Lake Lodge that this past Sunday was their last day in business. The Denver Mountain Parks decided not to renew the lease on the lodge and therefore they had no choice but to shut down this family business to the dismay of many.

Another awesome place where people from Colorado and around the world came to visit to make memories that will last a lifetime. The new plans for the site have not been revealed just yet, but we'll keep you in the loop on what's to come as soon as it's made public.

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