Another Colorado restaurant bites the dust... After opening its doors in 1981, this long-time Colorado restaurant staple has sadly closed its door for good.

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Another Historic Colorado Restaurant Has Closed

A lot has changed around Colorado since the COVID19 pandemic began in the spring of 2020. I remember sitting on an airplane in February 2020, coming home from a quick trip to Florida and reading memes about Corona Virus... Nobody, including myself, clearly knew what was about to go down. Craziest time in my thus far, for sure.

Crazy for so many local businesses as well. While a lot made it through those extremely challenging years, many fell victim to the mandatory closings or the new ways they had to operate the business.

Here we are, two-and-a-half years after it first began, and we're still seeing the effects of it all in one way or another, including the continuing of businesses closing for good. Including another Colorado favorite that had been in business in Colorado since 1981...

Annie's Cafe And Bar Has Closed For Good

While it doesn't appear to be business related, after 41 years of serving up tasty food, beverages, and countless smiles, the family-run Denver classic, Annie's Cafe and Bar, has closed its doors for good.

Annie's was located on East Colfax Ave in Denver after moving from its original location 15 years ago.

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Over the summer, owner Peggy Anderson, one of the original owners from 1981, announced that the lease on the building that Annie's Cafe had called home for so many years was up and that the owners had sold it. Due to the building's sale, they would be closing the doors on Annie's Cafe and Bar for good at the end of June.

They contemplated buying the building, but it was sold for $2 million, and that wasn't money they just had lying around. 41 years for any business is quite the run...

Thank you, Peggy, and your awesome family and crew for over four decades of amazing memories. Could Annie's make a comeback in a new location? Never say never...

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