Colorado restaurants do include buffets, and it's been four years since this one closed down, during the pandemic. It's back and ready to let you eat, all you want.

Of course, when you get an all-you-can-eat meal in Colorado, sometimes you're going to have to pay a little bit more for it; but this has been a favorite in Colorado, and it's not even the most expensive.


There's something about a great buffet, it can not only fill you up, but satisfy all those different cravings you enjoy, all in one setting. When a great buffet closes its doors, there's a feeling of sadness for those who've enjoyed it.

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What Buffet Has Returned to Colorado?

In Blackhawk, Ameristar has announced that their big Centennial Buffet has come back after being gone for four years.

Due to the pandemic, Ameristar had to close down their buffet, which is understandable. In  2021, they moved towards a sort of "food court," where the buffet had been and called it "Centennial Market." It just wasn't the same to those who loved that buffet.

They did end up brining back the buffet on a very limited basis, for special weekends, like Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year's. Now, however, the Centennial Buffet is open on a regular basis.

When is the Buffet at Ameristar in Blackhawk Open, Now?

Right now, the Centennial Buffet is open:

  • Friday: 4p - 10p.
  • Saturday: 4p - 10p.
  • Sunday Brunch: 10a- 2p.

Though it's not open every day, it is nice to have that huge buffet back, every weekend.

How Much is the Buffet at Ameristar in Blackhawk?

  • Friday/Saturday Evenings: $48.99.
  • Sunday Brunch: $35.99
  • Add one pound of crab legs for $9.99

When you consider that the buffet at The Lodge in Blackhawk (which many will say is not as good) costs $60 on weekend evenings, Ameristar's is the way to go.

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