You thought you've seen big babies before, but 3-year old Lu Hao, from China, is five times as heavy as other boys his age.  He's so big that his parents are afraid of him!

According to the story from MyFoxBoston, this kids parents say he throws vicious tantrums if they try to stop him from gorging on huge plates of ribs and rice. (Do most 3-year-olds eat ribs and rice?!)  Oddly enough Lu was actually born underweight, at just 5.7 pounds.

"We have to let him be, as if we don't feed him, he will cry nonstop," said mother Chen Huan

Lu has actually been banned from kindergarten because the schools fear he might hurt the other children, and as he is getting older and bigger simple tasks such as moving and walking are becoming more difficult.

Now your first reaction is probably similar to mine in thinking, "Let the kid cry, those must be terrible parents."  But before you judge, doctors in China think the kid has an actual hormone problem that is leading to the weight gain and overeating.  Let's hope they can figure out how to help little Lu (Or, more appropriately, HUGE Lu) before that extra weight causes any serious long term health problems.

Wow, that is one big kid.

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