MIS-C is a rare Covid complication that's affected around 1,600 kids in the country since mid May and its hit home here in Northern Colorado in a young man from Loveland.

Four-year-old Wally was diagnosed with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome back in December when he went to the hospital after getting a fever and coming down with a rash which quickly turned into stomach pains and severe dehydration. So he ended up at Children's Hospital and that's where he's been since then.

According to 9 News Medical Expert Dr. Payal Kohli, Colorado received a record number of cases (29 in December) with this condition being diagnosed more in boys than girls but after doctors were able to start treatment quickly on him, Wally was able to be home in time for Christmas.

Wally, who now has his own YouTube Channel, is now part of a nationwide study being conducted by Pediatric Heart Network and HealthCore to determine the long term effects of MIS-C on children.

Thanks to doctors and treatment Wally seems to be recovering just fine...you can follow this young man's journey on his YouTube Channel. Which Mom has said she will update more often. (We get it Mom, being a parent these can get a little busy)

We love ya Wally, keep smiling and riding that bike. We are pulling for you.



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