A little over a month ago, the Denver Zoo welcomed a new baby to the family, and this little creature is quite possibly the strangest looking newborn you have ever seen. 

Born on August 8, Tonks is an elusive nocturnal lemur, known as an aye-aye. These endangered animals are some of the rarest in the world, with only twenty-four of them living in seven zoos across the country. They are native only to remote parts of Madagascar. Zoo keepers and veterinarians were concerned when Tonks was first born, because her mom, Bellatrix, wasn't showing typical mothering behaviors. However, after a week of 24-hour care, Bellatrix learned how to nurse Tonks, and she was quickly able to gain some weight. These unique, little lemurs typically weigh just a few ounces when they are born, and can reach up to five pounds as adults. They usually live up to 20 years and spend most of their time high in the trees.

You can now find three of the twenty-four aye-ayes at the Denver Zoo in the Emerald Forest exhibit, but don't expect to see Tonks anytime soon. She'll stay in her nest box for a couple more months before she is able to explore on her own and be seen by guests.

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