Angela and Michael are first cousins from Utah who got married last year in Grand Junction.

Now, the New York Post reports the married first cousins, Angela and Michael, are having a baby.

Angela Peange says that she's loved her cousin, Michael Lee, since she was in the second grade. Michael's mother is Angela's father's sister, making them first cousins. They were caught kissing as kids by their family and according to Angela, 'it just felt really natural.'

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Both Angela and Michael were married and had children with other people, but reconnected at a family get together. First cousins Angela and Michale reconnected at their grandma's house a couple of years ago during Christmas.

Michael is now a second cousin and stepdad to Angela's three kids and is a husband and first cousin to his wife. They said they wanted to get married to protect themselves legally and to legitimize their relationship for their family's sake.

The couple was not allowed to get married in Utah, so they got married in Grand Junction on March 4, 2019.  The couple is now expecting a baby together, even though Utah bans marriage between first cousins unless they're both over the age of 65.

The couple got their genetics testing, and according to Angela 'we did genetic testing and found it was okay for us to parent together.' The first cousins couple could face up to $10,000 in fines in Utah.

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