Dumb Criminal of the Day

Facebook Selfie Photo Lands Bank Robber In Jail
Yet another bumbling idiot of a crook was busted because of a photo he posted to Facebook. This time a Brooklyn man posted a photo of himself holding a submachine gun that he used to rob a bank in Michigan.
Man Leads Police On Near-Two Hour Chase [VIDEO]
Today's dumb criminal story comes from a high speed car chase that had me glued to the TV all morning. A guy stole a car at a gas station in Longmont, with a 4-year-old child in it. He then proceeded to lead police on a near two-hour chase where he carjacked two other vehicles.
Man Busted For Speeding Because He Won The Lottery
A man in Massachusetts got a little over-anxious after finding out that he'd won the lottery. So anxious, that he was pulled over for speeding, but his luck had not run out, because he was let off with a warning.
The Case Of The Stolen Hotel Toilet
Stealing a toilet is probably not very high on anyone's priority list. Stealing a used hotel toilet even less so, but authorities in South Carolina are looking into a toilet that was stolen from a USA Economy Lodge. Gross.

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