People have been sporting that "I Voted" sticker proudly all day long, but you've been spending the last week or so beaming over the candidate choices you made because you voted early with a mail-in ballot. But hold up - there's a chance your ballot wasn't even accepted.


Ballots can be rejected for multiple reasons - perhaps you forgot to sign your envelope, your signature didn't match what officials have on record,  you didn't include a requested form of ID, or for any other reason, according to Denver7. If your ballot was rejected, you'll receive a letter in the mail explaining why. If you're still waiting on that letter (there's a good chance you are, and hopefully it won't ever arrive), there's an easy way to know if your ballot was accepted or rejected.

Ballot status can be checked by going to the Colorado Secretary of State's website and clicking "find my registration." From there, you type in your voter information and hit "enter." Look for "mail ballot status" when you scroll down.

Secretary of State Wayne Williams tells Denver7 that voters have until 8 days after the election to correct the problem.

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