There's a bizarre illness that's beginning to plague an increasing number of Coloradans and transplants alike, and we may have no one other than ourselves to blame for it.

According to Denver7, researchers in Colorado say they're seeing double the number of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) cases since 2009, presumed to be coupled with the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state. The Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology characterizes CHS by "chronic, heavy use of cannabis, recurrent episodes of severe nausea and intractable vomiting, and abdominal pain." Basically, too much of a "good" thing is actually turning out to be "bad" for some people. While there is no proven treatment for CHS other than stopping cannabis use, hot baths and showers have been shown to temporarily remedy the sickness.

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Dr. Kennon Heard, emergency physician at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, tells Denver7 that while doctors here are just beginning to recognize that CHS exists, his colleagues are now treating CHS-related visits to the emergency room on a daily to weekly basis.

So how does cannabis cause this nausea and vomiting? Leafly says researchers at Temple University think the activation of CB1 receptors might result in one or more of the following: inhibition of gastric acid secretion, lower esophageal sphincter relaxation, altered intestinal motility, visceral pain, inflammation, gastric motility reduction, and/or delay in gastric emptying.

They also say that heavy consumption of THC over an extended period of time could exert anti-emetic properties on the brain, causing nausea in the gut.

Think you might have CHS? Consult with your doctor to determine what the root problem of your symptoms really is. 

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