Did you know that Colorado is home to its very own, internationally-recognized weed church?

Yeah, you read that right.

The International Church of Cannabis in Denver is truly a place like no other.

The Church, located at 400 S Logan St. in the 'Mile High City' had been unoccupied for some years; then, in April 2017, the building that formerly stood as a Lutheran church through the 1900s was converted into what it is known as today.

The International Church of Cannabis’ sole mission is to offer a home to adults everywhere who are looking to create the best version of themselves through the use of "the sacred flower", cannabis.

According to the official International Church of Cannabis website, members of the International Church of Cannabis are known as "Elevationists"; through ritual, guided by spiritual practice, church members use the sacred flower - aka marijuana - to "reveal the best version of self, discover a creative voice and enrich their community with the fruits of that creativity."

International Church of Cannabis/Facebook
International Church of Cannabis/Facebook

The church, for the most part, has all the services you’d find in a typical church – Sunday services, weddings, funerals - and then some. The International Church of Cannabis highlights the use of marijuana as an overarching motif. The mission of the church, according to church co-founder, Lee Molloy is to give a home to people who use cannabis as part of their spiritual life.

“Ritual mindful use of cannabis can help open up ideas; it can help break down the barriers that we have placed upon us as children,” Malloy said. “It can really, ultimately help us achieve our spiritual goals, and that’s where we went with that, in a way that was accessible and not too scary to regular people.”

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Unlike other belief systems, there is no need to convert to the church's practicing religion,  Elevationism. "It claims no divine law, no unquestionable doctrine, and no authoritarian structure", the Church's website reads.

As far as this church is concerned, you can simply come as you are.

The International Church Of Cannabis/Facebook
The International Church Of Cannabis/Facebook

Although the church does, in fact, revolve around the use of a product that isn't permitted for many - including children - the church does happen to run an incredible event with guided meditation featuring fun, vibrant laser lights (pictured above) that leaves people of all ages raving - 

The BEYOND Light Show and Meditation experience is offered 7 days a week; it begins at 20 past the hour - every hour - Friday through Monday from 12-8 p.m.; and from 4-8 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

During the family-friendly experience, you'll be swept away through a combination of lasers, peaceful guided meditation, and accompanying music.

This event is held daily during the Church's "public hours" which are entirely family-friendly; at this time, there is absolutely no cannabis consumption allowed in or around the Church.

Tickets for BEYOND range anywhere from $10-25 and can be purchased through the Church here. Did I mention that your ticket comes with free access to the rest of the Church during your visit?

The International Church of Cannabis is dubbed on the internet as a "tourist attraction", and, although the Church has received thousands of online reviews (most of which are stellar) and has seen thousands walk in and out of its doors, I, along with many others, still consider this weed church to be one of Colorado's coolest, most unique hidden gems.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I see a trip down to the Mile High City and a nice meditation sesh at the ICOC in my near future.

Who's coming with me? 

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