I know I'm not a TRUE Coloradan because, first of all, I've only been here a year. Secondly, I still can't pronounce several of these town names even though I've been told several times what they are.

I've always been a bit of a slow learner and I simply pick things up at my own pace but I'm really working hard to try and remember these just for my own sanity.

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One of the things I learned when moving down here to Colorado was the fact that there were some really interesting town names that I've realized I've butchered for quite some time, and still butcher many of them. I'd like to apologize ahead of time for those, I promise I mean no disrespect and I'm working to correct those mistakes NOW.

Here are some names of towns throughout the great state of Colorado that have either stumped me at some point (and I've butchered the names) or some that I STILL have messed up recently. I'm writing this to clear things up in my brain once and for all and if you're like me and still have a question on how to pronounce a place, let's figure this all out together.

The only thing worse than looking stupid (and I know a thing or two about that) is sounding stupid (I guess I have a little experience in THAT category as well). Hre are the town names and how to pronounce them:

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