This Friday, we're paying someone's rent-- but before we do that, we asked a question: what's your worst rental story?

Whether you're a landlord or someone who's been renting for years, we asked you to share your most embarassing/confusing/gross/and downright unfair rental stories with us. Let me tell you-- you definitely delivered.

Here's some rental stories from our listeners, and don't forget to enter our Pay My Rent contest on our website right here.


1. The missing couch

"For about a month I had a couch in my garage. My friends and I sat out there smoking and chillin. Then one day I come home from work. Push the garage door button, watch the door go up and BAMN: there's no couch. I'm like WHAT THE &#%!
I'm calling my friends and family askin did you take my couch? They're all like $&%# you're crazy ain't nobody coming in taking your dirty garage couch. 
Two hours later my landlord comes to my door and says "Blah blah blah oh and by the way I got rid of that couch for you, you know, the one that was in the garage." -BettyJo

Plastic Trash Bags

2. Maggots in the trash

"I moved into a house about 6 years ago that had been vacant between the spring semester and start of the fall. So it was me and 2 other girls that moved into this house and we noticed when we moved in that the garage had a super awful smell. We kept searching through the garage to see if an animal maybe had died in there or something, but we couldn't find anything. So after the first day or so we had to take out our first bag of trash. There were trash cans in the garage, so we went to throw the trash in there and the people before us had left some sort of meat in there before they left FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER. Not only was the smell more than we could stand but there was about a foot of maggots covering the whole bottom of the trash can. We called a certain property management company to see if we could get new trashcans and they wouldn't do it. So we went and bought pretty much gas masks, long rubber gloves and a hose and sprayed out the whole trash can. The thick amount of maggots and the rotting meat still gives makes me want to hurl every time I think about this story!" -Kyndall

Hair Salon
Credit: Fuse/Thinkstock

3. A random bag of hair

"I had just cut off a huge amount of my hair and was planning on donating what I had cut to Locks of Love. What I didn't realize is that you have to send the hair off yourself, so my hairstylist bagged it up for me in a clear Ziploc and sent me on my way. I lived alone at the time and ended up leaving the bag of loose, dark hair out on my kitchen table when a maintenance man came by. He left his 'all done' note right next to the bag of hair so I know he saw it, and I can only imagine what he thought I was going to do with it." -Emma

Urban rat
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4. Hole in the ceiling

"I knew my property management company had scheduled people to come fix an issue in my bathroom, but I didn't know when it was happening, until I came home one afternoon to see a giant hole in my bathroom ceiling. There was grime and dirt from the hole all over the stuff in my bathroom-- they had never asked me to clear any of it out and had obviously not tried to move it themselves-- and I then had to live with a hole in my bathroom ceiling for two weeks, until they were able to come back and finish the repair. Since I live in a building that has a mouse infestation, holes in the wall are not something you want to leave opened up for that long." -Shelby


5. Naked and afraid

"I was at home, and I like to be in the nude when I'm at home, and our door was unlocked. A maintenance guy walks in to fix something, and I'm chilling, naked on the couch, eatin' some potato chips. He immediately got flustered and left." -Lauren

6. South Park disaster

"I used to live in a house with three other girls. One day, the mother of one of my roommates came to visit, but she forgot to mention it to the rest of us. So another of my roommates and I were sitting in the living room, happily watching South Park (the one where Randy Marsh gives himself testicular cancer so he can go buy pot), when our roommate’s mom suddenly pops in through the front door. And her timing was just so that she got to see a parade of South Park men bouncing down the street on their own ridiculously-huge balls, in all their veiny, animated glory. I don’t know if she was a South Park fan, but it was not really the first impression we wanted to give her, or even a third or fourth. We scrambled to turn off the TV, but it was too late. She knew exactly what we were doing and it was… uncomfortable." -Alex

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