We have some roadwork to look forward to this summer. According to the Coloradoan, CDOT should start work on re-doing the I-25/Highway 392 interchange this summer. (That’s the Windsor Exit)

There are still a few hoops to jump through and approvals to be met, but if all goes well the whole project will be underway by this summer. Once completed, highway 392 will have 4 lanes going across I-25 easing much of the on and off ramp traffic we’ve come to expect there.

The only drawbacks; the cost, the time, and the construction delays we’ll have to endure as the lengthy project is completed. Remember when they changed the Harmony interchange? Or highway 66 at Longmont? Or the highway 34 interchange they are working on right now? It’s a huge hassle to drive on and around them when all the work is going on and it feels like those projects take forever. But the changes are sorely needed.

I’ve been crossing my fingers for the Windsor exit to be redone since I moved here, looks like I finally get my wish this summer. Read more from the Coloradoan here.


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