Many cities in Colorado are dealing with unhoused (homeless) individuals, including Loveland. Soon, there will be a new shelter, large enough to take in many, while also providing services.

Loveland has seen the creation of an overnight shelter encampment near Fairgrounds Park in Downtown to help in addressing the city's homeless situation. This new shelter, across town, will look to improve how Loveland is assisting the unhoused.

Living in Loveland, myself, I've seen the homeless around Downtown, and hear many conversations about the city's problem. A lot of Lovelanders were not happy about the shelter in Downtown, I'm curious to see how we'll feel about this new shelter.

Church in Loveland, Colorado, to Become Large Homeless Shelter/Service Center

According to the Reporter-Herald, First Christian Church near the cemetery on North Lincoln, will become a shelter.

The church, which was built in 1962, has showers, a commercial kitchen, and offices; it does seem like an ideal place to help the unhoused, with the Loveland Homeless Task Force.

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How Much Will This Former Church/New Homeless Shelter Cost?

When you consider how Loveland has a $13 million budget shortfall for 2025, money is tight for many things. According to the Reporter-Herald private donors and future capital will cover the undisclosed purchase price of the church that had been listed for sale at $3.95 million.

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When you look at how there are scattered services to help the homeless in the Downtown area, this shelter would bring them under one roof.

It's hard to say how Lovelanders will feel about this new, permanent, facility. On one hand having many services under one roof, away from Downtown, is a good thing; but will businesses and residents in the new area be affected?

Will we see unhoused people roaming the cemetery? The nearby bowling alley? Instead of seeing homeless wandering near the Downtown Safeway will we see them around the Orchards King Soopers?

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