Dining out options in Colorado will be seeing an addition to the list, with a twist: Exotic cars. Why do we picture Thomas Magnum holding a rocks glass?

People from across Northern Colorado and the region that are into exotic cars, bourbon and good food will making this place a destination. Are there that many enthusiasts of exotic cars to keep the establishment "on the road" for long?

It definitely grabs your attention, hearing about a new project slated for the I-25 and Highway 34 area that will feature both exotic cars and a restaurant. Then, when you did deeper, you find that the restaurant will be exotic car-themed as well.

What is this New Exotic Cars Project Coming to Loveland, Colorado?

Coming to Loveland Yards, formerly The Outlets at Loveland, will be a more than 25,000 square-foot project called 'Endless Garage' which will feature:

  • A state-of-the-art showroom where exotic cars will be displayed for enthusiasts and collector to browse.
  • A service center for luxury and exotic automobiles.
  • Storage for exotic cars.
  • A high-end restaurant.

What is the High-End Restaurant Part of Planned Exotic Cars Facility in Loveland?

According to the real estate firm behind the purchase of the project's building(s,) this restaurant will be a steakhouse inspired by the allure of exotic cars.

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Imagine Planet Hollywood, only instead of memorabilia about movies everywhere, the place is about exotic cars. The restaurant will have gourmet food and a wide selection of fine bourbons. Again, Thomas Mangum eating a big steak with a bourbon.

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From Justin Summers, the man behind the Endless Garage project:

 Our goal is to create an unparalleled destination where enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of exotic cars while enjoying exceptional dining experiences.

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