Considering that Loveland's swim beach will be closed on July 3rd AND July 4th, what are you going to do during the day to cool off with the kids before those fireworks activities begin?

Purestock, ThinkStock

It just struck me as odd, that the City of Loveland announced their closures for the 4h of July holiday, and it included the swim beach over by North Lake Park. What? Come on, it’s the 4th of July, let’s get out into the lake and have a swim!  I guess it’s because they’ll be too busy?  I don’t know…

Their announcement did mention what WOULD remain open for the 4th-  The Winona Outdoor Poolof course!

I grew up in Loveland, and I think I only went to the pool at Winona Elementary ONE time. Crazy, right?  I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how different it is now compared to 40 years ago, when I was a kid.  It looks fun, though, I can tell you that!  They’ll be open from 10 am until 5pm and will have the concessions open with brats and burgers (perfect for the 4th), and they promise a bunch of games throughout the day! Keep in mind, Winona is right by Osborn Park! You could set up over there, have the kids go swim at Winona and come back!

Get your 4th on! Let us know how it goes!