Have you ever wanted to set out on the open road by yourself?  Recently, I got the unique opportunity to take off on the open road for a friend's family member's wedding in Iowa. 

I've been on road trips before-- when my family lived in Arizona, 10-hour trips up to Mount Lemon in our old camper van were pretty standard weekend activities.  My mom's family lives in good ol' Long Beach, California and plane tickets just always seemed too steep for a family of four so we'd always pile in the van instead.

Essentially, I grew up on road trips and driving somewhere for long periods of time just meant time to jam out to my favorite bands (*cough* or Hannah Montana singles *cough*) and catch up on some sweet reads.

A road trip alone is a daunting task, though. especially since I've never driven through Nebraska before.  What places between here and Iowa do I need to see?

Tell me in the form below where you think I should stop-- and look out for a road trip video coming soon!

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