As the popularity of Tesla cars continues to grow, so does the expansion of charging stations in the United States - including right here in Northern Colorado.

Even so, there really aren't that many charging stations in the area (most Tesla drivers charge their car at home, anyway).

According to a map on, the closest charging stations include a "Destination Charging" station at the Best Western Plus Boulder Inn and a "Supercharger" in Cheyenne, Wyoming, at the Frontier Mall. Other stations and superchargers are located in the Denver metro area and ski towns like Breckenridge, Avon, Vail, and Steamboat Springs (which makes sense, because that's where most millionaires and billionaires hang out).

So if you don't have a charger at your Northern Colorado home (which I have no idea why you wouldn't), you're pretty much out of luck.

Where do you charge your Tesla? I have no where to charge mine...Actually, it's still at the dealership because I'm a little preoccupied with trying to afford rent in Fort Collins.

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