As if getting to see the eclipse over Colorado last week wasn't enough, now we get to see the ominous "Pink Moon" next week. Here's when to be looking for it up in the Colorado sky.

What Is A Pink Moon?


There are twelve full moons each year, one for each month. Well, I guess technically 2023 had thirteen, but that's not the normal full moon schedule. Since 2024's first full moon wasn't until late January, we'll only have 12 this year.

The "Pink Moon" is the name of the full moon that takes place in April each year. Native American Tribes named it and it's called that because it comes around the same time as the blooming of Phlox sublate, which are pink flowers found all over the country.

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Native Americans would name each full moon things like "Pink Moon" to help them better keep track of the seasons. Since the Phlox sublate bloomed in April, that let them know it was spring.

When Can We See The Pink Moon In Colorado?

While some folks may have been misinformed by People saying 2024's pink Moon was happening on April 17th, NASA has it listed to be over the Colorado sky on Tuesday, April 23rd. I'm going to go ahead and trust NASA on this one... Sorry,

While the name Pink Moon would lead you to believe the moon is pink, that's not the case, sorry Barbie. As mentioned earlier, it was named after the abundance of Phlox flowers blooming all over the country, and not the actual color of the moon.

NASA says the moon will be visible in Colorado starting around 5:59 pm, on Tuesday night, the 23rd of April.

What Color Is The Pink Moon?

While it won't be pink, it will have a very pretty golden hue to it and will be a sight to see, like most full moons are. An actual pink moon would be fantastic, but this one will be just as pretty to see so make sure you set a reminder to scope it out next week.

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