As we officially kick off summer in Colorado, we celebrate by enjoying our first full moon of the season in the beautiful Colorado skies, known as the "Strawberry Moon."

Why Do They Call It The Strawberry Moon?


In a full calendar year, there are typically twelve full moons each year, one for each month. Some years, like 2023, have thirteen, but that's more the exception than the rule, as we're back to twelve in 2024.

The first moon of the summer season is known as the  "Strawberry Moon," which is the full moon that appears each year in June. The name "Strawberry Moon" comes from when the Native American Tribes named all of the full moons to help keep track of the seasons.

While one would think because of the name, the moon would be red like a strawberry, but that's not the case. While some pictures do show it with a red or pink glow, the Native Americans named it Strawberry Moon because this is the time of year when strawberries begin to ripen.

When Will We See The Strawberry Moon In Colorado?

According to the Farmer's Almanac, 2024's Strawberry Moon will be up in the Colorado skies on Friday, June 21st, and is said to be the lowest full moon in years. Sounds beautiful!

While it'll still be light out in Colorado, it's predicted to be at "peak illumination" at about 7:10 PM in the southeast skies. Even though the sun isn't setting until closer to 8:30 PM, you should still be able to see this giant full moon up in the skies of Colorado. The light from the sun starting to set might make it more unique. Set a reminder and don't forget to pop outside just after 7 pm this Friday!

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