Our Pay My Rent promotion is now officially live, which means that you can win $750 to pay either a portion of or ALL of your rent for one month in the new year.

We've all been through it: calling the emergency help line in the middle of the night, losing that perfect apartment, realizing that you live in a shoe box but pay out the nose...it's all a part of that crazy rental journey.

Before we 'pay your rent', we have to know-- what are your craziest stories from your rental journey? Whether you're a landlord or a renter, we know you've got one or two and we want to highlight them on our pages before we crown the winner of our official Pay My Rent contest.

So...dead mouse in your oven? Weird smells in the hallway? Creepy neighbor? We want to hear it all. Tell us your story in the form below:

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