Colorado has a sweet tooth and it shows. What are Colorado's top three favorite Valentine's candies? This year's top answer might surprise you.

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Colorado's Favorite Valentine's Candy

Valentine's Day is on its way and you're more than likely on the hunt for some kind of delicious sweetness, even if it's for you and not somebody else, right? I don't know about you but I don't need any excuse to buy myself some candy. I, like most folks in Colorado, have a crazy sweet tooth. I just love candy and all the yummy sweer desert-type snacks. When I got through my top three favorite candy choices though, only one of them matches Colorado's top three.

What are Colorado's Top Favorite Valentine's Candies?


According to the pros at, Colorado's number one favorite candy for Valentine's Day, this year is the heart-shaped box of chocolates. I'm not the biggest fan of those simply because I'm bad at picking the good ones and always end up with some random flavor that I don't particularly enjoy. The second favorite Valentine's candy in Colorado is the beloved conversation hearts. Those are classic Valentine's traditions so I get the popularity there. Colorado's third favorite Valentine's candy is the classic M&M's. I'm fully on board with that answer because I love M&M's. In fact, I have a bag packed for my plane ride to California as we speak. I don't know why, but the peanut, and peanut butter M&M's have always been my favorite.

What Valentine's Candy Do The Surrounding States Of Colorado Like?

Here's what our friends in the states around Colorado have as their top choice:

  • Wyoming loves the chocolate roses
  • Utah is all about the Hershey Kisses
  • New Mexico is the same as Colorado with the heart-shaped box of chocolates
  • Kansas loves their M&M's
  • Nebraska's number one is "Cupid Corn?" Gross.
  • Arizona is another M&M's state
  • Oklahoma is all about those conversation hearts

Whatever your favorite Valentine's candy is, make sure to stock up on February 15th. Maybe even save some for next year.

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