Weld County Food Bank holds ball for all those that have donated this year to keep their food supply bountiful to those in need. 

To say thank you to all those that have helped the Weld County Food Bank, they are holding a free event to say thank you. Without the donations that they received all year, the Weld County Food Bank wouldn`t be able to help all those in Weld County to get the help they need. They wouldn't be able to be as succesful in their efforst to stomp out hunger nor to give children the lunchs and the breakfast that most of them depend upon for meals during the school year.

Weld County Food Bank Blue Jean Ball is Saturday, October 20th and is free to attend but they do ask that you RSVP for yourself and guest so they have a count ahead of time. They invite everyone to help them show their gratitude and appreciation to all their supporters with locally sourced food, music, and games. To register they ask to call or email.

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