Your pet could help save the lives of other animals. CSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital is in need of blood donations and here's how you can help. Donating blood is a very needed aspect of our community. I donate and I think anyone whomever can...should. I had never thought that pets could donate blood to help save others but turns out they do and they are in need of donors right now.

CSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital is not able to keep up with their demand of their blood pool and they need your help. If you have a healthy, 60 pounds or greater, ages 1-10 dog, your best friend can help their shortage. Donations are not limited to canines. Cats can also donate.

Your pet will be blood typed, checked for anemia, and screened for infectious disease at no expense to the donors. There are Animal Urgent Care Hospitals all over Northern Colorado, be sure to check your local area for something like this, if you are unable to visit CUS's amazing Veterinary School.

There's always lots of way to help! Even those that you would've never thought. And what's always forgotten, is just how MUCH donations do help! You never know just how far a simple act of kindness is spread, when you give or do what you can for others.

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