Life saving vest has been granted to the K-9 officers of Weld County.K-9s of the police force are a vital tool to find and catch criminals, and to even find missing children within minutes when it would take police hours to search. The highly skilled and trained K-9s of Weld County in 2 months will have the equipment they need to protect them when they are saving their officers and citizens. The vests will be able to protect them from bullets and stabbings and were donated generously to the Sheriff's Office by the Hinz Group at Re/Max Alliance.

The Weld County Sheriff's Office will be receiving the vests from the Vested Interest in K9s, Inc . A non-profit that's goal is to get vests to all active K-9s in Law Enforcement that are in need of a new vest or recently graduated. The value of one vest could be up to $2234, but they are able to get a vest for a donation of just $1,050. A vest though is a very needed asset to a highly valuable member of the police department. This is an awesome way to show your support for local law enforcement. The opportunity to raise money for one vest is a great goal for a class or school!

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