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This Weather Reporter Really Likes Taylor Swift...

Weather reporter Sheila Watko went viral after squeezing in more than a dozen references to her pop fave Taylor Swift during a live weather report on the day Swift dropped her new album, evermore. Watch the impressive moment, below:

Americans Mend Relationships Amid Pandemic

In the midst of the pandemic, half of Americans are making sure that they end things with others on good terms—just in case. People want to know someone is there for them in these tumultuous times. Three our of four Americans think human contact is more vital than ever. Meanwhile, 63 percent cannot wait to spend time with family for the holidays, while 76 percent of U.S. citizens believe that the pandemic has put their priorities into perspective. (via StudyFinds)

FDA Says Pzifer Vaccine Is Safe

Only a day after authorizing the first COVID-19 vaccine in America, vaccines have already begun shipping them across the country. "As I speak today, right now, vaccines are being packaged," General Gustave Perna, co-leader of Operation Warp Speed in charge of logistics, said. "Tomorrow morning, vaccines will start rolling from manufacturing to distribution hubs. By Monday, vaccines will be received." Over the weekend, the FDA said that the vaccine was safe and ready for public consumption. (via USA Today)

New Fan-Controlled Football Site Attracts Celebrities

The FCF is a new football league in which everything is decided by the fans, even play calls! The idea has excited many, including Migos rapper Quavo and boxer Mike Tyson— both of whom have signed on to be league owners. The new league will debut in February 2021. (via TMZ)

New Astronaut Colony on the Moon?

NASA has promised two astronauts, one man and one woman, that they will be able to live on the moon in 2024. Apparently, the colony will be built on a part of the moon that has ice. The colony will be called "Moon Village." (via TMZ)

Beyoncé's Daughter Is Already a GRAMMY Nominee

Beyoncé's 8-year-old daughter could have a GRAMMY in her future for her "feature" on her mother's new track, "Brown Skin Girl." The song is nominated for Best Music Video. (via People)

You Won't Find Love on Zoom

We live in a weird time right now, where it seems like a Microsoft product that previously nobody used before 2020 now runs the world. Now we do meetings, parties, interviews, classes and more all on Zoom. Zoom can do anything... except find you love. It seems that some folks met on Zoom and tried to date, but when they met in real life, they had no chemistry. Guess Zoom isn't all it's cracked up to be... (via New York Times)

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