One resident believes a lightning storm in Fort Collins last month was really a UFO.

According to a report on the National UFO Reporting Center's website, the unidentified resident says they witnessed a "freak lightning storm" with an orb, which they photographed and recorded at around 2:23 p.m. on Sunday, May 22.

"A freak lightning storm with no thunder, just high wind, appeared out of thin air," they wrote. "I thought it was strange, so I began to take photos and video. I caught something coming out of a flash of lightning, too fast for a plane."

While a copy of the photos and video were not provided to the website, the resident goes on to explain that there was something very peculiar about the footage.

"Then, when I got home, I found an orb in a photo I took. No sun glare, the orb was passing in between 2 clouds."

Very interesting. Since we don't have a copy of this photo, it's hard to determine what this person was seeing. But obviously this incident was weird enough to have an impact on this individual.

Think this was a UFO? If not, what else do you think it could have been?

Exter terstriahls...ALIENS!

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