Celebs have apparently begun to flood into Denver's city limits, and it's all thanks to a great cause.

According to Denver Post's 'The Know', stars like "Dakota Johnson, Heather Graham, Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, John C. McGinley and Amanda Booth — plus sports stars Von Miller, Sam Cronin and more — will convene on downtown Denver on Saturday, Oct. 20, for the 'Be Beautiful Be Yourself' charity event." Source

Tickets to the event cost a pretty penny-- up to $1,300-- but it's all to support research for Down Syndrome, and is the largest Down Syndrome research fundraiser in the country. Several of the athletes and actors who plan on attending have a personal connection to the cause, and it's pretty awesome to have such high-powered individuals not only speaking out about their experiences, but also directing some of their millions towards important medical research.

Maybe it's a better idea to try and catch a celeb on their morning juice run somewhere on the 16th street mall-- and don't forget to tag us in your selfie if you end up sneaking a peek.

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