It was a wild scene in Colorado this past Tuesday, November 14th as a man, who was running from the police, crashed his car through a local mall food court. The video is wild.

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Man Crashes Car Into Colorado Mall Food Court


What's the craziest thing you've ever witnessed in person? Car accident, police chance, some kind of wild injury? While we don't have as many high-speed police chases as they do in Los Angeles, Colorado has its fair share of crazy police activity.

Last Tuesday, November 14th, 2023, local police were called to the mall in Pueblo, Colorado, about a potential active shooter situation. Once they quickly arrived and made contact with the person of interest, things took an interesting turn.

Who Crashed Their Car Into The Pueblo Mall?

The 29-year-old man, who was identified as Mario Arellano by the Pueblo Police Department, attempted to get away from them by driving up on the sidewalk, and eventually right through the west entrance of the Pueblo Mall. (Video below)

The vehicle made it inside the entrance to the mall's food court before stopping. Police struggled a bit to get him into custody, where he then claimed to have explosives inside of the vehicle that he just crashed into the food court.

To keep shoppers and employees safe, the mall was immediately evacuated until later that evening. Surprisingly as of now, there aren't any injuries being reported. Here's the wild video of the incident...  (**Does have some adult language**)

Video Of Car Crashing Into Mall In Colorado

What do you get charged for in a wild situation like this? Assault on a Peace Officer, Criminal Mischief, and several counts of Attempted Murder. Can't say the juice was worth the squeeze in this particular food court extravaganza. Speaking of being in trouble... This Colorado restaurant is taking some heat as well...

Local Colorado Restaurant Under Fire For New Added Fee

A local Colorado restaurant has gained some unwanted (or maybe wanted) attention after implementing a new fee each customer must pay when settling their tab. Are the added fees getting out of control?

As seen in the highlighted comments below, some are for their "staff PTO fee" but wish it was just built into the food cost, while others flat-out disagree.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob

New Loveland, Colorado In-N-Out Burger Now Open

Northern Colorado's very first In-N-Out Burger location in Loveland officially opened on Friday, November 10th, and while we didn't partake in the opening weekend insanity, we couldn't wait any longer to get in on the action. Here's a look inside NoCo's first In-N-Out location!

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

This Absolutely Delicious Colorado Restaurant Is One Of The Best

Chicken Salad Chick in Greeley, Colorado, is one of our favorite new restaurant choices, especially when looking for a lighter option. The owner started by selling door-to-door to friends and family and now has over 200 restaurant franchises nationwide. It's clear that this taste of Southern hospitality is wildly popular.

The service, the atmosphere, and the menu, including their famous chicken salad choices, are exactly why people are buzzing about this fantastic restaurant anytime one opens near them. Colorado has two locations with one (soon to be two) of them being right in Northern Colorado. Here's what to expect when you visit this new locally owned and operated favorite.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM


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