As a weekend photographer i am always looking for new places to take photos. Whether in the spring, summer, winter, or my favorite time of year, fall! Colorado is a place of endless inspiration to me. With the colors quickly approaching the prime time of changing, you might want to take part in the glory with your own eyes as well!

Jenny Harding, For TSM
Jenny Harding, For TSM

While on Facebook I came by an article from with the 10 best places to see fall color in Colorado and I figured I would share a few of these locations with you!

1. Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road Opens In Rocky Mountain National Park
Getty Images

Located right here in Northern Colorado in one of the most majestic places I have ever been to... Rocky Mountain National Park. There is a plethora of fall color for you to take in! Along with the snow capped peaks, it really makes for a memorable trip.

2.  Kebler Pass

This one is quite a ways out and we would have to make a weekend trip out of it. Unfortunately, since my wife is working every weekend this month we will probably have to save this one for next fall.

3. Maroon Bells

winter and Fall foliage at Maroon Bells, Aspen, CO

Located near Apsen, this place has been a goal of mine to shoot for years on end. This year may be the year that I get to go there! I would love to capture something as majestic a this photo above.


For all of the other locations on where to see the fall color right here in Colorado, check out's article found HERE.






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