After a spring and summer that seemed to bring lots of hope in terms of positive COVID cases dropping and things opening up, things took a turn for the worse over the fall with numbers skyrocketing.

But now, it seems as though the fall surge that took over the country, and in particular the state of Colorado, may be improving.

According to KDVR, multiple counties in Colorado are seeing a drop in positive COVID cases, which is very encouraging news to say the least. With that being said, just yesterday (Nov. 23), several counties have announced new mask requirements.

"COVID positivity rates" is the term that's been thrown around, and it seems to be the main number in terms of what government officials look at when it comes to implementing and or taking away mandates.

Sure, positive cases have dropped, but we're still looking at a positivity rate of slightly over 9%. Right now, we're looking at 9.26%, which is down from 9.85%.

Honestly, trying to figure out all of the numbers and what they mean and keeping up with them is pretty exhausting, so I try not to worry about that so much and simply just do what I need to do and what's best for me and my family.

While the slight dip in positive cases throughout the state seems to be good news, there are mandates that have gone back into effect in metro areas, like the biggest one down in Denver where they're tightening things up in terms of being indoors and wearing masks.

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