It's really weird.  I don't watch many movies, I am the opposite of lazy (as the hotel room photo might otherwise suggest,) and desert terrain doesn't normally excite me.  I don't even eat corn dogs.  (That'll make sense in a minute.)  But, how cool is this?

Part 1:  Great Sand Dunes National Park

This'll be the first time I've taken my snowboard off my garage wall during the summertime.  (If you've been, is it worth bringing the snowboard?)

My three girls can't wait to splash around in Medano Creek and/or some of the alpine lakes.  (If you've been, is this stuff warmer than Horsetooth Reservoir?)

There are also vast forests and grasslands in this high desert, and ultimately, I'm looking super forward to taking in the camping here.


Part 2:  Movie Manor

35 miles from Great Sand Dunes National Park, you can stop at this Best Western and, if you get a room on the correct side of the building, you get a giant drive-in movie screen out your window!

It's actually called the Star Drive-In, but it's within the premises of the hotel property.  To add to the uniqueness, it also has a restaurant and lounge.  (Hmm, I wonder if you can watch the flick from the lounge?)

Much like when I go to the Holiday Twin, the choice of movie isn't the most important thing.  Kids' movie?  Sure, whatever.  I'm just happy to be here, BUT... It would be nice to see a good comedy.

After a couple nights of camping, cleaning up and getting my chill on for a couple more before the five-hour (hopefully that is all) drive home sounds A-Okay!

If you've taken the trip to either or both of these locations, I'd love to hear about it.


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