It all started with a stupid teenage decision.

Back when I was in high school, stretching ear piercings with tapers was all the rage. Of course, I decided I wanted to be like everyone else and stretch out mine, so I did. I think I got them up to a half inch or three-quarters of an inch.

When I first started stretching my ears, I thought, "This will NEVER go out of style. It's so unique!" Boy, was I wrong. One morning after I woke up, I looked in the mirror and literally thought, "Those plugs look so freakin' DUMB in my ears."

Don't get me wrong, some people can still pull them off. I don't think it's a terrible decision for everyone, but I just personally didn't like them on my own body anymore.

And so began the process to close them up.

For about 9 months I took my plugs out to allow my ears to naturally close up as much as possible. They did pretty well, but the holes were still too big to keep regular earrings in.

I'd heard about cosmetic surgeries to have holes like mine closed up - other young adults were regretting the same decision I had made and were going under the knife to get the holes closed up. After talking with my mom, we decided this is something we could definitely make happen.

So I met with a doctor in Loveland about 4 1/2 years ago who had done similar surgeries. As it turns out, the procedure is SUPER quick and simple - all they really had to do was slice out the middle of the hole and stitch it back up. When I had the procedure done on my ears, I felt literally nothing - it looks grotesque, but my earlobes were so numbed with lidocaine, I wouldn't have known the doctor was slicing up my ear.

Here are before and after photos around the procedure, along with a photo taken today of my ears.

As for other cosmetic procedures I've had done, I'll let you keep guessing. ;)