My cousin in Monument invited my tribe to their kid's birthday party.  At first, the invitation was confusing, because it was to Bass Pro Shops on the north end of Colorado Springs.  Now, I know their whole family loves to hunt, but they also mentioned something about a bowling alley that was there.  The whole thing just sounded really random, but we of course opened ourselves up to whatever the day was to bring.

It all made sense once we got there.  For one, there's a bar that seems to be out on a giant dock, overlooking the "water."

Tiffany A. via Yelp

For another, sea creatures essentially barf up your bowling ball, and how could that not be cool?

Darren Rovell‏ via Twitter

It's seriously hard to imagine how a kid, of any age, could not have a good time here.

Adam J. via Yelp

Their food isn't bad, either.  They also offer a private room for gatherings.