Wyoming's water systems are quite impressive. Over 80 rivers that total almost 109,000 miles and over 4,000 lakes & reservoirs are in the Cowboy State.

Wyoming Water Sources

Of all of the rivers that are in Wyoming, only one is longer that 1,000 miles long and many of them end up in the nations longest river, the Missouri River.

Even though Wyoming doesn't have the most waterway's in the U.S., we do have some of the most sought after rivers in the nation.

Folks from all over the world will come here to fish the legendary waters of Wyoming. Seeking to catch trout, salmon, walleye or one of the many other types if fish in Wyoming, anglers will bring their families for the once in a lifetime opportunity to fish here.

When visitors come to Wyoming, they have options when it comes to finding great water sources.

Here is a look at the Top 10 longest rivers in Wyoming

  1. Snake River - 1,078 miles long. Popular river for guests of Yellowstone and the Jackson Hole region to fish. Empties into the Columbia River in Eastern Washington
  2. Green River - 730 miles long.  Begins in the Wind River Mountains and empties into the Colorado river in Utah.
  3. North Platte River - 716 Miles Long. The popular fishing destination river that flows through Casper, begins in Jackson County, Colorado before eventually joining the South Platter River and making up the Platte River.
  4. Yellowstone River - 692 miles long. The river begins in the Absaroka Mountains and flows north through Yellowstone National Park before emptying into the Missouri River in Sidney, Montana.
  5. Niobrara River - 568 miles long. The river begins in Wyoming's smallest county and ends up meeting up with the Missouri River in Verdel, NE
  6. Little Missouri River - 560 miles long. This river begins just west of Devils Tower in Northeastern Wyoming and flows into Montana and South Dakota before emptying into the Missouri River near Killdeer, North Dakota.
  7. Bear River - Total miles is 491. This river is the longest in North America that doesn't end up going into the sea. The river begins in Northeast Utah, flows through Wyoming and Idaho before re-entering Utah and emptying into the Great Salt Lake.
  8. Wind River/ Bighorn River - Total of 461 miles between the two named river. The Wind River portion begins at the Wind River Lake near Togwotee Pass and flows until the wedding of the waters just outside of Thermopolis, WY and turns into the Bighorn River. When the Bighorn River takes over, it flows through Wyoming and Montana before reaching the Yellowstone River and eventually into the Missouri River
  9. Powder River - 375 Miles. The river is a combination of the Middle Fork and North Fork and combines at Kaycee, WY. The flow goes east of the Bighorn Mountains, into Montana and drains into the Yellowstone River near Miles City, Montana.
  10. Cheyenne River - 295 Miles total. This river is formed by the meeting of Antelope Creek and Dry Fork Creek in Converse County, then flows into South Dakota and enters the Missouri River at Lake Oahe near Pierre, South Dakota.

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