While things stayed relatively moisture-free in Windsor and Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, and more faced a different weather story this morning.

Snow pounded eastern Colorado, and residents weren't expecting the downpour or the bitter temps. Here are the cutest/funniest/craziest snow posts from Colorado residents as the polar vortex moved in for a little Monday surprise:

We know the weather people don't always get it right, but it's beautiful nonetheless, right?


Where can I get those boots in my size?


Chaotic and completely gorgeous. That's Denver snow for ya.


This video completely captures the energy I felt anytime I was granted a snow day in my school years.


Yeah...only in Colorado is a pretty apt description of a shot like this!

That overhead shot though.

Weather in Colorado will probably never be predictable...but at least we get some good shots out of it. Share your shots with us by tagging @999thepoint in your posts!

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