Have you ever considered getting lasik eye surgery?

For me, this has always been a really interesting inner debate. When I was in middle school I got my first pair of glasses, and continued to change out my frames all through my adolescence.

By the time I got to college I settled into bolder frames from cool online retailers, and began a YouTube channel that highlighted my 'look' more than ever. With friends, family, and the (small) online audience I had, my glasses became my thing.

When you have a 'thing', it can be really, really hard to let it go. It started to be the thing that people knew me by; how friends would find me in a crowd or how dates would recognize me in a bar. My first boyfriend told me that he couldn't imagine me without my frames and oh man, I really wish he hadn't said that. 

The thing is that lasik is a really incredible surgery, and when I got my first shot at getting the procedure done, I turned it down. I know, I know. I was afraid to let go of this token of my personality that so many people knew me by, just for stupid perfect vision (ha!).

Now, thankfully, I know a little better.

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Thanks to the Eye Center of Northern Colorado, I'm getting lasik done this week because I've finally realized that having perfect vision is so much more important than needing a permanent accessory. Do you know how annoying it is to put headphones on over my glasses, or to have to figure out how to hike a mountain without my contacts getting dry? It's really, really annoying.

I'm definitely nervous about the procedure, but the great people at The Eye Center have been nothing but helpful and encouraging, so I know that I'm in capable hands. Look out for my 'after' blog...and be sure to give me any tips on what to expect and what you learned from your surgery in the comments!

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