Taylor Swift takes over Colorado this weekend and the "Swifties" are ready to welcome their hero with open arms. If you don't have tickets to the shows though, your plans for a parking lot party might not work out.

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Colorado Taylor Swift Fans Asked To Not Gather In Parking Lots During Eras Tour

I think we can all agree that Taylor Swift is the hottest artist on the planet right now, without question. The passion of the "Swifties" around the world is simply unmatched. We can also agree that the TicketMaster debacle was one of the biggest on-sale fumbles in history as well. That on-sale failure left hundreds of thousands of local T-swizzle fans without access to the current Era's tour, which has made fans desperate to be a part of these shows in any way that they can...

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With tickets being sold-out before they even officially went on sale last fall, some fans are paying thousands of dollars to score aftermarket tickets. Some though are getting extra creative... And that creativity is being frowned upon as the tour rolls through Colorado this weekend.


Empower field at Mile High, which is the site of both of Taylor's Era's Tour stops in Colorado, has stated that fans are "strongly discouraged" from gathering in the stadium parking lots and around the stadium this Friday and Saturday nights. Their website says the following under the parking and tailgating information:

Fans without tickets to the concert are strongly discouraged from gathering in the parking lots and outside the stadium this weekend. The stadium and surrounding areas will be at maximum capacity.

I'm sure you've seen the videos of Taylor fans who were unable to get into the show, gathering and having their own mini-concerts outside of stadiums so fans on this tour and that's only getting bigger as the stadium rolls city to city as seen in the video below.

Fans aren't responding so kindly to the stadium's request so I'd imagine it's gonna be another Taylor parking lot party situation this weekend in Colorado. If you're heading to either of this weekend's shows, plan on some extra time to arrive as it's sure to be a mess traffic and parking-wise all around Empower Field at Mile High. If you don't have tickets but want to win some, click HERE, and maybe we'll see ya there!

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