Taylor Swift has it bad for her new boy toy, Conor Kennedy.

The New York Post reports that Swift missed Kennedy so much after leaving Hyannis Port, Mass. for Nashville that she chartered a plane just to take him to visit her. Swift had to return to the country capital to promote her new record-breaking single, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and apparently couldn’t bear to be away from her beau.

A source told the tab, “Taylor missed Conor so much, she sent a plane for him a few days later. He’s been with her ever since, and his family doesn’t know when he will be back. Things have become so serious between them so fast that no one in Hyannis Port would be surprised if they eloped.”

Here’s why that’s a little scary: One, Conor Kennedy just turned 18, and he’s only a junior in high school. (You do the math — we can’t quite figure it out either.) Two, Swift’s relationships are usually notoriously short, and if these two crazy kids eloped, that could get complicated (though maybe she’d get another hit single out of it). Another source close to Swift says, “She always falls very hard and becomes very intense very quickly, and this time is no exception. In fact she seems to have fallen even harder.”

And three, another source says that Kennedy’s family wouldn’t be too pleased with it. A tattler said that Swift is “totally in love with Conor. They are inseparable and are all over each other all the time. While his relatives really like Taylor, some feel their lovey-dovey behavior is cute while it has made others in the family feel a little uncomfortable.” Some advice for T-Swizzle: If you want to be the next Jackie O. in Camelot, you need to chill out with the PDA (and the wedding crashing)!

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