A lot of people, myself included, are very excited about next weekend's Mud Brigade. Everyone who ran it last year knows how much fun it was and this year should be even better.

They added some new obstacles and you can read on to see the full course map.

What is the Mud Brigade? I call it an excuse to play in the mud. It's a 5k that has a bunch of muddy obstacles to overcome. Now, before you get all scared and don't want to run it let me tell you this: I am not a runner, but...I love this race. It's an excuse to dress up, get dirty and have fun. You don't have to run the whole thing, if there is an obstacle you can't do, you just go around it. Yes, there will be some people racing, and trying to get the best overall time and I bet they'll enjoy themselves. I however, will be there for the good time.

Now just what kind of obstacles do you have to look forward to?

Mud Brigade 2012 Map
  • Greased Lightning
  • Tripped Out Tire Field
  • Mud Dive
  • Mucked Switchbacks
  • Amazing Web
  • Ankle Break Rock
  • Cliff Rope Climb
  • Up And Over Rover
  • Down & Out
  • The Dodge
  • Leaning Mud Walls
  • Jump And Dump
  • Sandbagger
  • Tightrope Tango

Keep in mind that a lot of the obstacles names make them sound worse then they are (I'm looking your way "ankle-break rock"), but think of how good you'll feel when you cross that finish line and think, "Wow, I just did that!"

The 2nd Annual Mud Brigade will happen at The Ranch in Loveland on Saturday, September 8th.

You can get more info about the race and find out anything you need to know on their website, maybe Derek & I will see you there. I'm thinking we might go as pirates this time. Last year we went with the superhero theme, check out some of the pics we took.

Looks fun, right?

The only thing serious about the Mud Brigade is the MUD!

A day full of MUD, Fun, Entertainment & Great People Watching! The Ranch has over 100 acres of undeveloped terrain that will be transformed into approximately 3.2 miles of challenging obstacles, mud pits, dirt running trails, and more MUD!

Kids ages 5 years to 11 years will have a separate mini mud run course for their waves!

The point is to not only finish fast, but to finish with style!

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