While Lady Gaga was performing in Finland this week, a little monster threw a cell phone with a photo of Britney Spears on it on stage. We’re not sure why a monster would toss their valuable phone on stage, since they are expensive, contain sensitive personal information, are essential to modern communication and not something that Gaga really needs in hand-me-down form. But it did get a response out of Gaga, and a relatively positive one at that.

She didn’t roll her eyes or guffaw, or levy an insult, which is something we’d think Madonna would do if someone threw a self phone with an image of Gaga on it on her stage.

Gaga was a good sport about it, though.

“It’s a cell phone … with Britney on it,” Gaga said with a giggle during the portion of the show where she talked to fans and sorted through items they tossed on stage. “I’m going to call your mother and tell her where you are. After I take a picture of myself. F— you for throwing your phone on my stage. It’s not your show. It’s mine. It’s mine!”

There is no beef between Gaga and Britney, even though Brit nixed a liplock with Gaga-as-Jo-Calderone at last year’s VMAs. They’ve even had cute exchanges on Twitter. But Gaga definitely doesn’t need a cell phone garnished with a pic of Brit Brit.

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