I've mentioned this great organization before. I just love the simplicity of their mission and how it feels at their ranch, for both me, and my daughter. I hope you'll join local non-profit Charis Ranch, a sanctuary for kids and horses, to watch Secretariat.

Secretariat is a movie about the journey of an incredible horse, Secretariat, and the story of his unlikely owner, a Colorado housewife who risked everything to make him a champion. And did you know, McCool, the rescued grandson of Secretariat, now resides permanently at Charis Ranch in Laporte?

This viewing/fundraiser is on March 31st at 6 pm ​at the new temporary location of Lyric Cinema Cafe in the Fort Collins, the Masonic Temple at 225 West Oak Street.

The event is limited to 300 attendees.​ There will also be a silent auction to benefit Charis Ranch. Get ticket info here and if you would like to donate to the silent auction please email newlifehorses@gmail.com.

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