Veterinarians are asking residents with livestock to take extra precautions this year because of a "unprecedented" virus that has invaded Larimer County animals.

Officials have released a special warning to anyone showing animals at Colorado fairs this season.

70 horses have been quarantined in Larimer County because of a virus called vesicular stomatitis, or VSV. They say warning signs are blisters in the mouth, weight loss and lethargy.

From the AAEP.ORG:

Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) is a viral disease of horses, donkeys, mules, cattle, swine and New World camelids that occurs in the Western Hemisphere. Infection results in vesicular lesions, ulcerative stomatitis, coronitis and crusting dermatitis of the muzzle and nares.

Humans are also warned to be careful because they can also contract the virus. Although, veterinarians say it's rare and the human has to have significant contact with the infected animal.

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