The no-kill animal shelter needs your help in providing good homes for their pets in need right now. With an influx of multiple desperate cases and not enough homes to take the animals in need, Denkai needs help form it's local community to help the no-kill shelter help all the animals in their care. Cases with dogs that are so sweet in nature but terrified because they have been abandoned by their trusted owners. And even cases with horses, where Denkai rescues horses as well as cats and dogs. They always ask that you share their posts just in case someone you know is able to help these animals.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary relies on it's community to help their non-profit to stay strong though. They are needing not only permanent homes for dogs, cats, and horses but as well as foster homes to help the dogs until they find their forever home. In some cases the no-kill shelter is able to transport the animals to another sanctuary in hopes of finding a great home. But, that also is costly and therefore the shelter relies on donations as well to help give these animal the best chance possible.

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