Subway restaurants are going crazy this weekend... Ever had a footlong cookie? Now's your chance this weekend for one day only, and they look fantastic.

Footlong Cookies At Subway Restaurants

National Cookie Day is coming this weekend and Subway is going to celebrate this special day by unveiling its biggest dessert offer ever. Yes, Subway is the home of the famous five-dollar footlong campaign, even though those days are long gone. They branded it so well though that anytime someone says "footlong" you almost always think of or sing that famous Subway five-dollar footlong song, right? Here's a reminder...

Now, years later, they're set to make the footlong name famous again by unveiling for the very first time, the footlong cookie. Subway has always had those tasty fresh-baked cookies that go hand in hand with your sub sandwich and bag of chips, but now they're about to take those sweet dessert snacks to an entirely new level.

When Can I Get A Footlong Cookie At Subway?

National Cookie Day is this Sunday, December 4th, and Subway has cooked up, for one day only, footlong cookies to celebrate the occasion. The footlong cookie flavors include:

  • The Subway Cookie Club - "Cookies on cookies with a Double Chocolate cookie base and vanilla frosting, then topped with Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia and Raspberry Cheesecake cookie chunks, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate and raspberry sauce."
  • The Mexi-Cali - "A vanilla sugar cookie base smothered in dulce de leche, then topped with mole and corn nuts, drizzled with white chocolate sauce, and finished with ground coffee, Tajín and espresso chips.”
  • The Monster - "Double Chocolate cookie base with a heaping spread of peanut butter, sprinkled with peanut butter cups, Reese's pieces, butterscotch morsels and pretzels, before it is finished with both chocolate and white chocolate sauce."
  • The Great Pickle - "Sweet and savory cookie layers both peanut butter and marshmallow crème on top of a vanilla sugar cookie base, topped with salty potato chips, savory bacon crumbles and Subway's brand new dill pickles."
Courtesy of Subway
Courtesy of Subway

Sadly, Subway announced that these tasty footlong cookies will only be available in one location, and that's not in Colorado. The only place, for now, to get them is at their "Cookieway" pop-up in Miami, Florida. I'd imagine with how well they will no doubt do, we could be seeing these very soon around Colorado and the rest of the country!

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