"Correction: Several outlets are reporting by conflicting information of if this home has in fact been sold or is still on the market" 

The Denver Broncos' new Quarterback, Russell Wilson, and his wife, Ciara, have found their first Colorado home, and this $6 million mansion is a real beauty.

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Russell Wilson's New Colorado Mansion

Last week, the Denver Broncos shocked the sports world when they announced they pulled off the trade of trades that brought future Hall of Fame Quarterback, Russell Wilson, to the Denver Broncos from the Seattle Seahawks. First thing you do when moving? You find a place to live in your new city. Well, Russ and Ciara are ready to make it official and lay down some roots in their new hometown as they just bought a $6 Million mansion in Englewood.

A Look Inside Russell Wilson And Ciara's New Colorado Mansion

This 11,000 sq ft home in Englewood, Colorado, is absolutely stunning and will make the Broncos' new QB and his family feel right at home. With six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a sick pool, and a tennis court, it's easy to see why Russ and Ciara fell in love with this incredible home so fast.

I've always been a big fan of the trees upfront for privacy purposes.

This aerial shot shows just how gorgeous this backyard and pool area is. Lot's of parties to be thrown here, for sure.

That ceiling design is so dope.

Russ will be "cooking" here for sure. Hopefully, the Broncos let him cook on the field as well.

Just gorgeous... WOW.

Gotta have those his and her sinks these days.

This closet is the size of a bedroom and probably still won't be big enough.

Love these vaulted ceilings.

If you need a pool boy... I'm not licensed but I'll do it for free.

All of that tree coverage is so amazing. Summers on this porch will be perfect.

Perfect covered patio to relax outback by the pool.

Cool little pool house. Happy to crash here when I come to visit, Russ.

I better start brushing up on my tennis before my invite comes.

Clearly, the Wilson family will be loving life in their new Colorado digs and we're so happy to have them. I can not wait for football season nowCongrats Russell and Ciara, welcome home. Go Broncos.

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