As a part of new series spotlighting 'exploding' music hubs across the country, Rolling Stone is recognizing Denver — and crediting decriminalized shrooms, Mission Ballroom and Nathaniel Rateliff (who isn't actually from Colorado, as the article claims, but... shhh, we'll take him).

Of course, the feature also shines light on our state's gorgeous outdoor venue, Red Rocks, and the brick-and-mortar record shop, Twist & Shout, still thriving in the digital age with in-store performances from artists like The Lumineers.

Colorado also has a handful of live music festivals and even a Grateful Dead bar (which I, for some reason, have been to). Over the last decade, Colorado has seen not just a 'Green Rush,' but an undeniable music boom, and it's cool to get recognized by Rolling Stone. You can read the whole feature here.

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