Its time for some highlights from the 'Missed Connections' page on Craigslist from this past week. This week it seems that red heads were a popular topic. Who knows? One could be about you!

These are copied just as they are written and the links to the original post are included.

Redhead in a Red Mazda on 35th ave - m4w - 31 (Greeley )

So here goes nothing. I was headed North on 35th ave in Greeley and you were behind me from bittersweet park to about west 10th around 6ish. Then all of a sudden you were right next to me in the double turn lane going west on w. 10th. I so wanted you to follow me or even say something but I was really shy. I would love to hear from you. Tell me what I was driving or what I was wearing......I know I could make you happy.

Red Head getting your oil changed Rocky MTN oil change loveland! - m4w - 35 (Loveland)

Omg! You are the one! Hehe we talked a bit and you had to leave so soon! :-( You were telling me a story about your crazy friends being stuck in the mountains during the fire!

red head in the hearse (loveland) - m4w - 40 (loveland & surrounding )

Would like to know u on a intamate level.thanx for the smile .maybe dinner an drinks??!!

Happy Birthday Red Head =) - w4m (Deep Creek Lake)

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday !

I hope you have a great day and know Im thinking about ya.

Leaving for my car trip soon, would love to see you.

Wishing you all the best

Always, KR.

red hair, pretty and tall at king soopers - m4w (W Elizabeth)

We made eye contact and smiled at each other as we passed by. Just wanted to say thanks ... a smile from a beautiful woman made my weekend.

Redhead at hays market 1:30 16th of May - 37 (B_town )

Hi any chance you're single. Definitely a girl I'd like to ask out. Why didn't I? Kicking myself!!!!! Can you please see this and say hello? I'm a good guy. Just wanna run into you again. I had a friend use this and it worked. Please spread the word.