Valentine's Day is coming up and there are a lot of cool things happening around NoCo to get you in that loving spirit. Here are a few of our favorite things.

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Things To Do Around Northern Colorado For Valentine's Day

After what felt like 458 days of January, February is here and that means Valentine's Day is about to slap us all in the face. We all see the different "warning signs" to prepare us for this day of love but somehow a decent amount of people still forget to make plans. Good news, we're here to help with some things to check out around town to show your significant other some extra love this month.

Loveland Sweetheart Festival In Downtown Loveland

Our very own Loveland, Colorado, is the "Love Capital" of the world. Seriously, people from all over send Valentine's Cards from Loveland just to have them postmarked that way. It's no surprise Loveland pulls out all of the stops for Valentine's Day and the Sweetheart Festival is one of their biggest events of the year. Get more HERE.

Holiday Lights In Old Town Fort Collins

Even though the Christmas season is over, the holiday lights around Old Town Fort Collins remain up until Valentine's Day this year. Cool spot to take your date.

Valentine's Lights At Chupungu Park In Loveland

My pal Cindy and her crew always go all out for this event. It's another beautiful setup this year around Chupungu Park, which is right behind the Promenade Shops At Centerra shopping Center. Get more info HERE.

Loveland's Valentine's Day Group Wedding

This might surprise your partner but why not renew those vows? Register for the group wedding HERE.

The Loveland Sweetheart Classic

Those who run together, stay together? Something like that... Get more and sign up for the race HERE.

Little Miss Valentine & Little Mr. Cupid Contest at the Rialto Theater in Loveland

Does Little Ms. Valentine or Mr. Cupid live in your house? Sign them up to be a part of the fun HERE

Catch Me If You Can 5K/10K In Fort Collins

More running that candy off with your love. Get more info and sign up HERE.

Places To Eat At For Valentine's Day

We could make a giant list here because there are so many great places to eat around NoCo. Here are just a couple of spots that are perfect for a nice romantic dinner though.

The Melting Pot In Fort Collins

I've only done this one time, but we absolutely loved it. Great atmosphere and the food was so much fun.

Rodizio Grill In Fort Collins

Surprisingly, even though I've been in NoCo for almost 20 years, we've never eaten here personally but the folks we know who have, rave about it. Another very popular spot for Valentine's Day in Fort Collins.

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